Hi, I’m Adam.  I am a 17-year-old photographer who attends Carlsbad High School and Seaside Academy as an 11th grader.  My interest peaked in photography two years ago when I started to get more and more curious about astronomy.  I would always look up images of stars, planets and the Milky Way.  Amazed by the results, I started to have a strong desire to try and take those pictures myself.  So, I researched and researched until I found a well-priced beginner camera.  After my purchase, I instantly fell in love with creating images, particularly landscape and astrophotography (stars etc.)  I also tutor elementary and middle school kids in mathematics and English and have done so for five years.



When I’m not taking pictures, I love to skateboard, run Track and Field at Carlsbad High School, ski, and snowboard!  I also just returned from the Robotics World Championship in Houston with my team the Buffalo Wings!